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Phosphate chemicals dosing plant

Dry powder dosing instrument is a intelligent, full automatic and continuous flocculant dissolving and dosing instrument.
It is composed by water supply system, dry powder feeding system, dissolving system, control system, liquid feeding system and secondary attenuation system.

Main features

High degree of automation;
Adopt of PLC control and Chinese version man-machine conversation display;
Stable and reliable system and simple for operation;
Adopt of stainless steel material, excellent anti-corrosion performance;
Beautiful appearance, simple structure, small volume and convenient for installation;

Equipment specification
    HYJY-500    solution preparation amount  500ml/hr
    HYJY-1000   solution preparation amount  1000ml/hr
    HYJY-2000   solution preparation amount  2000ml/hr
    HYJY-3000   solution preparation amount  3000ml/hr
    HYJY-4000   solution preparation amount  4000ml/hr