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Brief introduction:
It is reasonable equipment of sand setting and sand washing.

 Cyclone grit chamber Desanding machine, shown in Figure 1-2 by the impeller, shaft, motor, speed reducer and sand suction system components. Since the impeller slurry upward tilt, rotate the sewage tank will make spiral movement; plus because the sewage flowing into the tangential vortex generated with the impeller rotation is formed to sewage consistent spin sulfur, pool. Where appropriate leaf pulp angle and line speed conditions, the wastewater will be washed sand and still maintain optimal sedimentation, and the original organic matter deposited on the sand and a small severe substance whirlpool along with sewage effluent. Further, since the rotation of the impeller, reducing the amount of water due to the whirlpool flow pattern changes lead to changes in sensitivity, thus ensuring grit chamber are stable, low organic component of sand.
Technical parameter and specification